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The Singles Project is a reality TV dating series that ran on the Bravo TV network in 2014. The series follows a group of single men and women in New York City as they look for the perfect mate.

The show’s episodes were shot and aired within the same week to give the audience a near real-time viewing experience. The rapid shooting and airing turnaround were intended to give the audience an opportunity to actively participate via social media.

Production Company and Executive Producers

The Singles Project Series is produced by Goodbye Pictures, ll3Media America, and Goodbye Pictures. The executive producers are Claire Poyser, Derek McLean, Eli Holzman, John Platt, Kate Little, Rich Bye, and Stephen Lambert

Cast Overview

Following is a list of the primary cast members for the show.

  • Brian Trunzo
  • Ericka Pittman
  • Joey Healy
  • Kerry Cassidy
  • Lee Gause
  • Tabasum Mir

List of Episodes

The series ran for only one season with a total of eight episodes. All of the episodes are available to watch on Amazon Video.

Season 1

  • S1 E1 – First Dates – In the first episode, we meet a group of single men and women who are trying to find love in NYC. First, a model has a date with a dermatologist. Will it be a match made in heaven? Next, a cosmetologist gets set up on a blind date.
  • S1 E2 – Match Made in Man-Hattan – Brian goes on his first date, while Joey makes it to his second. Meanwhile, Kerry gets set up with someone chosen by the show’s viewers. Did they make the right choice?
  • S1 E3 – Virtually in Love – In this episode, Lee goes to a charity event. Later, Ericka and Tabasum meet an Italian lover. Then, Brian paints the town.
  • S1 E4 – Tweethearts – Kerry throws a birthday bash. Later, Ericka goes on a second romantic date. Lee makes a confession.
  • S1 E5 – New York Passion Week – During Fashion Week in New York, Brian hosts a party. Then, Ericka finds herself in the midst of a love triangle. Finally, Tabasum makes a confession.
  • S1 E6 – New York Date Of Mind
  • S1 E7 – Fall-ing in Love – First, Ericka and Lee head to the Hamptons to spend some time together. Are they a couple? Next, Joey has to make a choice. Then, Brian has a birthday celebration.
  • S1 E8 – Happily Ever After? – In the season finale, Joe has to make a major decision. Meanwhile, Brian’s friends feel like it is time for a talk. And, Tabasum hosts a birthday party of her own.

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Critical Response and Awards

The unique approach to “real-time” shooting and airing within the same week helped the series win a Creative Arts Emmy Award in 2015.

  • Amazon Prime Video viewers give the series a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars
  • The series has a rating of 6.1 out of 10 stars on IMDB

More Information

To learn more about the series, visit the official website or one of the show’s social media accounts:

Questions & Comments

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback about the Singles Project series, please post a message below. Also, check out other Bravo Dating Series.

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the-singles-projectWe give The Singles Project a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars. We love that the episodes were shot and aired during the same week. This gave the audience an opportunity to interact via social media. Unfortunately, the series didn't have staying power and was cancelled after just one season.


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