Cyrus vs. Cyrus: Design and Conquer

Cyrus vs. Cyrus Design and Conquer
Cyrus vs. Cyrus Design and Conquer (Photo by: Maarten de Boer/NBCUniversal)

Series Overview

Cyrus vs. Cyrus: Design and Conquer is a reality TV series on Bravo that features Tish and Brandi Cyrus, a mother and daughter team, who work on various interior design projects in Nashville, Tennessee.

In each episode of Cyrus vs. Cyrus: Design and Conquer, Tish and Brandi present competing design ideas for rooms that need to be redesigned. The client chooses which option they like, then the two work together to implement the design.

Executive Producers and Production Companies

The series executive producers are Jonathan Koch, Steve Michaels, and Tish Cyrus. Asylum Entertainment and Hope Town Entertainment are the production companies.

Cast Overview

Following is a list of the primary cast members for the show. Click on the cast member name for more detailed information.

  • Brandi Cyrus
  • Tish Cyrus

List of Episodes

The show ran for one season with a total of six episodes. Each episode is 24 minutes. It is unclear whether the show will return for another season.

Season 1

  • Episode 1 – Elegant and Kid-Friendly – In the first episode of the season, Brandi and Tish work with their first client. They are charged with redesigning a living room and a bathroom. The real challenge is that the living room and bathroom must be both luxurious and “kid-friendly”. Tish and Brandi present their ideas and the client chooses Tish’s proposal. However, they wanted to incorporate certain aspects of Brandi’s design as well.
  • Episode 2 – Creating a Forever Home – In the second episode, the Cyrus’s are challenged to redesign a home for a military family. The family’s living, kitchen, and den need a makeover and the Cyrus’s deliver.
  • Episode 3 – Foyer, No It’s FoYea! – The Cyrus’s are hired to finish a construction project to a dining room, living room, and foyer.
  • Episode 4 – Battle of the Styles – The team has to mix completely unrelated design styles of a top music executive.
  • Episode 5 – Young Love – The Cyrus design team encounters their great challenge yet – they turn a duplex back into a single-family home.
  • Episode 6 – Family Is Everything – The final episode of the first season.

Facts and Trivia

Following is a list of little-known facts and trivia about the show and its cast members.

  • Country music star Billy Ray Cyrus guest stars on the second episode.

Questions and Comments

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