Gallery Girls

Gallery Girls
Gallery Girls (Photo Courtesy of NBC Universal / Bravo)

Series Overview

Gallery Girls is a reality TV series that ran on Bravo in 2012. The series followed the lives of seven New York City women working in the “cutthroat” art world. The show highlights their struggles with financial and family matters and the pressure of finding their dream jobs. The show highlights events such as art shows and gallery openings in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The Gallery Girls series was not well-received by the viewing audience. Unfortunately, Bravo didn’t renew the show for a second season.

List of Gallery Girls Episodes

Gallery Girls ran for one season with a total of eight episodes. Each episode was approximately 42 minutes in length.

Season 1

  • S1 E1 – All Tomorrow’s Parties – In the first episode of the season, Kerri Lisa gets an internship with an art advisor. Chantal Chadwick and Claudia Martinez Reardon work to open an art gallery. Next, we catch up with Angela Pham, who is pursuing a photography career. Then, Maggie Schaffer meets with an art gallery owner who used to be her boss. However, Liz Margulies is working for him as an intern. Later, Amy Poliakoff gets a little too tipsy at an event.
  • S1 E2 – What Goes On – The End of Century gallery is a mess and needs to be cleaned up before the opening. Maggie must complete a series of tedious tasks.
  • S1 E3 – Wild Child – Chantal and Claudia put on a show. Later, Amy and Kerri have to choose artwork. Then, Liz has dinner with her father. Maggie and Amy get into an argument.
  • S1 E4 – I’m Not Sorry – First, Kerri invites everyone to a housewarming party. Amy talks things over with Liz. Maggie and her boyfriend celebrate her birthday.
  • S1 E5 – I’m Set Free – Claudia and Chantal’s event gets out of control; Maggie’s family wants her to quit Eli’s gallery.
  • S1 E6 – Who Loves the Sun – Amy offers her help planning a pop-up gallery after facing a career setback; Liz invites Maggie and Angela to her father’s art warehouse, and Chantel and Claudia are uninvited.
  • S1 E7 – Beginning to See the Light – Liz confronts Claudia and Chantal; Maggie’s rowdy crowd at the club annoys Liz; Amy’s dad’s news threatens her lifestyle.
  • S1 E8 – Wrap Your Trouble in Dreams – Chantal goes to Paris with her boyfriend; Claudia is left alone at the EOC; Amy’s deadline is running out; Kerri struggles to decide.

Cast Overview

Following is a list of the primary cast members for the show.

Amy Poliakoff

Amy Poliakoff – Amy was a Communications and Art History major from Coral Gables, Florida. Her Gallery experience includes positions with the Wolfsonian Museum, the David Zwirner Gallery, the Paul Kasmin Gallery, and the Leila Heller Gallery.

Angela Pham of Gallery Girls. Photo courtesy of Bravo / NBC Universal

Angela Pham – Angelis is a freelance photographer and aspiring artist in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Chantal Chadwick, gallery assistant. Photo courtesy of Bravo / NBCUniversal

Chantal Chadwick – Chantal is originally from Atlanta, Georgia. Held various jobs in the fashion industry and as a gallery assistant.

Claudia Martinez Reardon. Photo courtesy of Bravo / NBCUniversal

Claudia Martinez Reardon

Kerri Lisa of GalleryGirls. Photo courtesy of Bravo TV / NBCUniversal.

Kerri Lisa – Kerri is a native New Yorker. Claudia worked at a high-end luxury concierge service and an art internship.

Liz Margulies. Photo courtesy of Bravo TV / NBCUniversal.

Liz Margulies – Liz is originally from Miami. Daughter of a world-renowned art collector. Studied graphic design at the School of Visual arts.

Maggie Schaffer. Photo courtesy of NBCUniversal and Bravo TV.

Maggie Schaffer – Maggie is from Easton, Pennsylvania. Has a degree in Studio Art/Art History and English Literature from Lafayette College. Worked for Eli Klein Fine Art, Cottelston Advisors, and Christie’s New York

Executive Producers and Production Company

Magical Elves Productions produced the show. Alexandra Lipsitz, Dan Cutforth, Jane Lipsitz, and Kris Lindquist served as the executive producers for the show.

Critical Response and Awards

  • The show was not nominated for any awards
  • IMDB gives the show a rating of 4.1 out of 10 stars based on 120 reviews

Facts and Trivia

Following is a list of little-known facts and trivia about the show and its cast members.

  • We’re still working on collecting trivia for this show. If you have some, please post a comment below.

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