My Fab 40th

My Fab 40th
My Fab 40th (Photo Courtesy of NBC Universal / Bravo)

Overview of My Fab 40th Series on Bravo TV

My Fab 40th is a reality TV series that ran on Bravo in 2015. The series follows people with nearly unlimited budgets as the plan and celebrate their 40th birthday.

Production Company and Executive Producers

  • Thom Beers
  • Matt Anderson
  • Nate Green
  • Maty Buss
  • Richard Courtney
  • Pamela Gimenez (co-executive)

Cast Overview

Following is a list of the primary cast members for the show.

  • Francine Sanchez
  • Julie Marcus-Downs
  • Brandy Flores
  • Carmine Sabatella
  • Brian Malcolm
  • Stephen Harbaugh
  • Ryan Fisher
  • Notoya Green
  • Fred Mwangaguhunga

List of My Fab 40th Episodes

The My Fab 40th series ran for one season with six episodes. Each episode is 42 minutes long.

Season 1

  • Episode 1 – Forty, Fierce, and Fabulous – Former sorority sisters Francine Sanchez and Julie Marcus-Downs decide to throw a joint birthday party.
  • Episode – 2 – The Fast and the 40th – Brandy Flores, a single mother, hopes that her boyfriend would propose to her on the birthday.
  • Episode – 3 – Coming Out At Forty – Single dad, Carmine Sabatella, celebrates his new life as a gay man.
  • Episode – 4 – Surprise, You’re Forty! – Brian Malcolm and Stephen Harbaugh throw a double-surprise birthday party to their wives, Abbey and Gina.
  • Episode – 5 – The Conscious Uncoupling – Ryan Fisher celebrates his birthday with a bunch of Hollywood A-listers.
  • Episode – 6 – Forty, I do! – In the final episode of the season, Notoya Green and her husband, Fred Mwangaguhunga, celebrate their birthday at a very expensive party and decide to additionally renew their wows.

Critical Response and Awards

  • No information is available.

Facts and Trivia

Following is a list of little-known facts and trivia about the show and its cast members.

  • There are several cameos by well-known stars, including La La Anthony, Lorenzo Lamas, Nicole Eggert, and Reverend Al Sharpton.

Questions & Comments

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