Southern Charm Season 5 Episode 12 – Gone Girl



Episode 12 of Southern Charm season 5 begins with Naomie taking a boxing class at the gym. When Kathryn doesn’t show up, Naomie becomes concerned. She makes a few calls and learns nobody has heard from her in a few days.

Shep and Austin Have Lunch

Shep and Austin meet to catch up over lunch and a few beers. Austin shares that his parents plan to invest in his beer business. He also shares that he and Victoria got into an argument after his beer launch party, after Austin shares that he picked up Chelsie and hugged her.” Things got so heated that Victoria threw a drink at him, and he told her to leave. Afterward, Austin blocked her to send a clear message that it was over between them.

Ashley Seeks Patricia’s Advice

Ashley visits Patricia for relationship advice. The true beauty of this scene is when Patricia rings her bell and Michael, the butler, comes running. Patricia orders two “medicinal drinks,” a Hot Totty and a Martini. Despite Ashley’s fragile emotional state, Patricia doesn’t give her the validation and support she wants. Patricia gives her the hard truth. She tells Ashley to keep quiet, let Thomas be Thomas, and learn how to accept Kathryn being in their life.

Naomie Chats with Chelsie

Naomie stops by to chat with Chelsie and tells her that Kathryn is MIA. They chat about Austin’s beer party, and they both admit that they love the beer. Go Austin! Chelsie mentions that Cam has invited everyone to see her new baby, Palmer, but everyone must get a flu shot first. Craig told Chelsie he wouldn’t do it because he is afraid of “having to walk backward for the rest of his life because of some crazy government shot.” (Craig, you must be a smart guy for getting a law degree, but statements like this make it seem like you’re a few fries short of a Happy Meal).

Cameran, Whitney, and Shep Grab a Bite to Eat

Cameran, Whitney, and Shep meet at Smoke BBQ for lunch in the next scene. Cameran is so clearly happy to be out! Cam shares the challenges of breastfeeding. She makes both of them do a shot of her breast milk, and the two have very different reactions. Whitney spits it all over the place the same way he jokingly spits out Austin’s beer. And Shep likes it. Cam gets the scoop about what’s going on with Thomas, Ashley, Craig, and others. She also shares that her vajayjay is doing just fine.

Craig Has Drinks and Pillow Talk with a Friend

Craig meets his friend Warren (from law school) for a few drinks and to catch up. Warren asks Craig a question on everyone’s mind, “Do you want to pursue a career as an attorney?” Craig responds that he doesn’t want to work for anyone. When Warren presses him further, he discovers Craig is currently sewing pillows. Really? Yes. Sewing pillows.

Craig shows Warren a sample of his work, and Warren (THANK GOD!) responds honestly and tells him it is “awful” and there is no way Patricia will sell it. Craig used clipart to design the samples, which looked amateur. Warren tried to do him a favor and prevent him from embarrassing himself before Patricia, but Craig disregarded his advice.

Thomas Focuses on His Kids

In the next scene, Thomas Ravenel wakes up the kids and starts making breakfast. In the interview portion, he speaks highly about the progress he has seen in Kathryn. He says she has transitioned to becoming a real woman with a real heart. He talks briefly about the challenges in his relationship with Ashley. He clarifies that his current focus is on his kids and getting along with their mother.

Naomie and Danni do a wellness check on Kathryn

Naomie and Danni drive to Kathryn’s house to ensure she is okay. They knock on the door to her apartment, but nobody answers. They go to the management office, and the manager does a wellness check. The manager confirms that Kathryn is, in fact, in her apartment and she is alive.

Craig picks up another habit

In the next scene, Craig is at home practicing flower arranging, with an injured hand. It is as if Craig is reading a playbook on how to be a more cultured person. Patricia calls and asks Craig to come over in the next hour and show her the designs for the pillows. Then, Craig spends the next several hours throwing together some one-handed clipart designs for the pillows. He arrives at Patricia’s, and she clarifies that his time is up. She said that he had two weeks to design the pillows, which had been two months.

Craig spent far too much time telling everyone that Patricia was allowing him to design pillows for her but no real-time design. When he reveals his concepts, he also mentions that he used stencils that he found on the internet. Patrica clarifies that she’s looking for something original that doesn’t look like clipart. Craig comes across as an unprepared child in this scene. He didn’t deliver in the expected time frame, his designs were not up to par with Patricia’s expectations, and he had no confidence to back up his decisions. As a result, Patricia squashes the project.

Next, Naomie hosts a girl party at her house with a masseuse and a manicurist for the girls. Chelsie shows up with a carload of food. Danni and Cam show up and the girls relax and get pampered.

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(43 Minutes, TV14)


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