The Real Housewives of Dallas

The Real Housewives of Dallas
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Series Overview

“The Real Housewives of Dallas” is a popular reality TV series that aired on the Bravo TV network. The show, which premiered in 2016, is part of the larger Real Housewives franchise. It is known for its candid portrayal of the lives of affluent and socially prominent women in various American cities.

Set in Dallas, Texas, the series provides viewers with an inside look into the glamorous and sometimes dramatic lives of a group of affluent women living in the upscale neighborhoods of the city. The cast typically consists of women from diverse backgrounds, from business owners and socialites to philanthropists and fashionistas.

Throughout its seasons, “The Real Housewives of Dallas” explores various topics, including personal and professional challenges, family dynamics, social events, and, of course, the inevitable conflicts and confrontations that arise among the cast members. The show often delves into the complexities of maintaining relationships within this high-society circle, showcasing the glitzy moments and the real, often messy, aspects of their lives.

The cast of “The Real Housewives of Dallas” has evolved over the seasons, with some original members leaving and new ones joining. The new members bring fresh dynamics and perspectives to the show. The series also features special appearances by friends and family members of the main cast, adding further depth to the narratives.

Like other iterations of the “Real Housewives” franchise, the show is known for its candid and often humorous confessionals. Cast members offer their unfiltered thoughts on various situations and interactions, allowing viewers to gain insights into the women’s feelings and perspectives.

Overall, “The Real Housewives of Dallas” has garnered a dedicated fan base and become a significant part of reality TV culture. It combines elements of luxury, drama, and personal authenticity, making it compelling viewing for fans of the genre.

List of Cast Members

Following is a list of the primary cast members for the show.

  • Brandi Redmond
  • Cary Deuber
  • D’Andra Simmons
  • Kameron Westcott
  • LeeAnne Locken
  • Stephanie Hollman
  • Tiffany Hendra

List of Episodes

Season 1

The first season of RHOD had ten episodes and one reunion show.

  • E1 – Everything’s Bigger In Dallas –
  • E2 – Mad As A Hatter
  • E3 – Making Frenemies
  • E4 – Mouth of the South
  • E5 – Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?
  • E6 – Locken Loaded
  • E7 – Black And Blues
  • E8 – Hollman Holiday
  • E9 – Killing Time in Austin
  • E10 – The Full Nelson
  • Reunion

Season 2

  • E1 – Look Who’s Not Talking
  • E2 – Haute Dogs of Dallas
  • E3 – Face to Two-Face
  • E4 – By Invitation Only
  • E5 – Walking In Memphis
  • E6 – Don’t Cry Over Spilled Tea
  • E7 – Viva La Mexico
  • E8 – Mouthful in Mexico
  • E9 – You’ve Yacht To Be Kidding Me
  • E10 – Don’t Cry Over Shattered Glass
  • E11 – Ladies Who Launch
  • E12 – The Beginning of the End
  • Reunion Part 1
  • Reunion Part 2

Production Company and Executive Producers

Goodbye Pictures produces the Real Housewives of Dallas series for Bravo. The executive producers are Andrew Hoegl, Andy Cohen, and Rich Bye.

Critical Response and Awards

  • The series has a rating of 4.8 out of 10 stars on IMDB
  • Vulture has a rating of 3 out of 5 stars

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