100 Days of Summer

Series Overview

100 Days of Summer” is a reality TV series debuted on the Bravo TV network. The 100 Days of Summer show follows the social lives of a group of young, successful Chicago residents during a long hot summer. The group includes socialites, entrepreneurs, and fashionista who are all well-connected and extremely competitive.

List of Cast Members

Following is a list of the primary cast members for 100 Days of Summer.

  • Jay Michael
  • Pascale Wellin
  • Phillips Demming
  • Ray Austin
  • Tara Clack
  • Vincent Anzalone

List of Episodes

Following is a list of the season episodes for 100 Days of Summer, in order of air date. The full catalog of episodes is available to stream on Amazon.

Episode 1: Ship-Faced – The series starts with the cast enjoying the summer Chicago Sun. Vince gets looks from others as he displays too much public affection to his new girlfriend. Ray’s girlfriend Hamidah doesn’t like Pascale. Jay hires Phillips for an event.

Episode 2: Devil in the Blue Dress – In the second episode, Vincent and Lonnie host a summer version of a white party and Tara hosts a charity even. Hamidah and Pascale try to work things out.

Episode 3: The Deep Dish – In the third episode, Tara starts sending signals that she’s ready to settle down. Pascale starts spreading a rumor about Vince.

Episode 4: Cruel Summer – In the fourth episode, Jay gets into it with Phillips regarding her work for the launch event. Pascale gets into a huge fight about the rumor he spread about Vince.

Episode 5: Out of the Loop – Pascale has a fight with Jessica. Jay supports Pascale, and wonders why she was alienated. Vince tries to patch things up, but it doesn’t work out.

Episode 6: Kosher Kimchi Bay – Pasacale works on her jewelry line. Jay looks for a surrogate. Tara is about to make a decision about her boyfriend. Tara learns that Vince is moving in with his girlfriend.

Episode 7: The Summer’s Over – The end of the summer draws near. The group of friends heads out of town to Tara’s family cabin in Wisconsin for a weekend getaway.

Episode 8: Secrets Revealed – Cast members from 100 Days of Summer share their thoughts on scenes throughout the summer.

Production Company / Executive Producers

Half Yard Productions produces 100 Days of Summer.

Filming Location

The show films primarily in various locations throughout the city of Chicago. Cast members occasionally take trips outside of the city, such as a weekend getaway to a cabin in Wisconsin.

More Information

For more information, visit the 100 Days of Summer Official Website. Also, check out other Bravo TV shows.


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