9 By Design: The Chaos and Creativity of the Novogratz Family

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Series Overview: 9 By Design

Bravo’s “9 By Design” was a refreshing departure from the typical reality TV formula, offering viewers an intimate look into the bustling lives of Bob and Cortney Novogratz, a couple juggling the demands of a booming interior design business and a lively household of seven children. Premiering in 2010, the series was a unique blend of home renovation, design inspiration, and the relatable trials and tribulations of family life, all set against New York City’s vibrant urban landscape.

A Family Affair

What set “9 By Design” apart from other home makeover shows was its focus on the Novogratz family dynamics. Bob and Cortney’s approach to parenting and design was unconventional and avant-garde, much like the properties they renovated. Each episode delved into the couple’s latest project, transforming dilapidated spaces into stunning homes and boutique hotels, all while managing the chaos of a household that never seemed to slow down. The series showcased their ability to balance professional challenges with personal ones, offering viewers a candid look at their creative process and family life.

Design Innovation on Display

The Novogratz’s design style, characterized by bold colors, unique vintage finds, and cutting-edge art, became a central element of the show. Viewers were treated to a front-row seat to the couple’s creative process, from inception to the breathtaking reveal of each project. “9 By Design” was not just about the aesthetics of renovation; it was a testament to Bob and Cortney’s innovative vision and their knack for turning seemingly insurmountable challenges into design triumphs.

Relatable Yet Aspirational

While the scale of the Novogratz’s projects and their jet-setting lifestyle were aspirational, the couple’s down-to-earth nature and hands-on approach to parenting kept the show relatable. They navigated the same issues many families face—school runs, bedtime stories, and sibling squabbles—albeit in a more chaotic and stylish setting. This blend of relatability and aspiration, combined with the genuine love and respect evident in Bob and Cortney’s relationship, was the heart of “9 By Design.”

Though “9 By Design” lasted only one season, its impact lingered. The Novogratz family continued to inspire through subsequent design projects, books, and appearances, cementing their status as design icons. The show also paved the way for future reality series that blend family life with entrepreneurship, showcasing the possibility of pursuing passion projects while raising a family.

Cast Overview

Following is a list of the primary cast members for the show. Click on the cast member’s name for more detailed information.

  • Cortney Novogratz
  • Robert Novogratz

List of Episodes

Following is a list of episodes for Season 1 of 9 By Design, the only season. Watch it now on Amazon.

Season 1

  • S1 E1 – This Old House – Cortney and Robert are working on finishing construction on a new home in Manhattan. The couple decides to lease out their current home, but the new house isn’t quite ready. So, they have to do a short-term lease for a few months. It sounds like a simple task unless you have a family of eight and a baby on the way. Finding a temporary space proves to be challenging due to differing preferences.
  • E2 – The Wild, Wild West Village – In the second episode, the team works on an 8,000 dream home in NYC. Later, the family has to start moving into the new house, but it’s still not ready.
  • E3 – Major Work Out – First, the Novogratz’s invite friends and family over for the christening of their seventh child. Meanwhile, the couple takes on a project to remodel an old gym in New Jersey.
  • E4 – Weekend in the Hamptons – Next, Cortney insists on taking on a project for a client with a small budget in the Hamptons.
  • E5 – With Benefits –
  • E6 – London Calling –
  • E7 – Down at the Jersey Shore –
  • E8 – Selling Point –

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Executive Producers / Studio Information

The show is produced by The Left-Right Productions. Ken Druckerman and Banks Tarver are the show’s executive producers.

Filming Location

The show was filmed throughout New York City and the surrounding area. Locations examples include Manhattan, the Hamptons, Jersey Shore, and more.

Theme Song

We couldn’t find any information on the show’s theme song.

Facts and Trivia

Following is a list of little-known facts and trivia about the show and its cast members.

  • The show, 9 By Design, was initially titled “Design Sixx.” The name is from the couple’s business, Sixx Design.
  • The couple has two twins, Bellamy and Tallulah and Five and Holleder.

More Information

“9 By Design” was a snapshot of a moment in time for the Novogratz family, capturing the beauty of their chaos, the intensity of their love, and the brilliance of their design work. It was a rare reality TV gem that entertained, inspired, and showed that it’s possible to successfully blend family life with big dreams. For fans of design, family-oriented programming, or just good television, “9 By Design” remains a memorable and inspiring series.

For more information about the series, cast members, and episodes, please visit the 9 By Design Official Website or the show’s Wikipedia Page.

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