Backyard Envy Series

Series Overview

Backyard Envy is a reality TV series that debuted on the Bravo network in 2019. The series focuses on the high-end landscaping design firm Manscapers. The company is run by friends and business partners Melissa Brasier, James DeSantis, and Garrett Magee. The three were best friends for more than ten years and started their business as more of a hobby.

Each summer, they held garden parties in their backyard, for which they designed an outdoor theme. Impressed, their friends started suggesting that they consider doing it as a business. So, in 2013 they officially formed the company “Manscapers” and began completing projects around NYC.

James and Melissa studied interior design at FIT.

List of Backyard Envy Cast Members

  • Melissa Brasier – Mel is the construction manager. She builds the garden boxes, decks, stairs, and more.
  • James DeSantis – James is responsible for business relations.
  • Garrett Magee – Garrett is the Manscapers plant specialist who really knows his stuff.

List of Season Episodes

Season 1

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  • S1, E1 – Water, Fire & Fountain Grass – In the first episode of the season, we’re introduced to three best friends and business partners known as the Manscapers. The team designs amazing outdoor spaces in New York City and the surrounding area. The team focuses on “makeovers” where they turn dull, boring backyards into stunning outdoor retreats. For their first job of the season, they are tasked with designing a sleek, modern garden for a riverfront property in Piermont, NY. The clients have a budget of $30,000. They pitch a comprehensive excavation and landscaping plan and the clients accept. The second project is in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn for clients Omar and Evan. The request is to redesign two outdoor spaces including a rear and rooftop deck. The clients want a space the is reminiscent of Fire Island. At least initially, they have an open budget.
  • S1, E2 – To Bee or Not to Bee – In the second episode, the team has to juggle two projects at once. One is a backyard space in the suburbs and the other is a rooftop space located in the East Village.
  • S1, E3 – Green is the New Black – The Manscapers land a backyard redesign project with a big budget to match. However, the clients drive them crazy with their constant check-ins. Also, the team works on a landscaping gig for a high-end hotel in New York City.
  • S1, E4 – Not So Grey Gardens – A repeat client challenges the Manscaping bunch to design and build four separate outdoor spaces. The effort leads Garrett, James, and Mel to work overtime to meet the homeowner’s needs. Later, Mel gives his backyard a makeover for Garrett’s birthday.
  • S1, E5 – A Change of Greenery – First, the team has to help their new client understand the limitations of their budget. Next, the scapers are still working on the project at the upscale hotel and time is running out. Of course, the over-controlling client tries to inject their own ideas into the project.
  • S1, E6 – The Concrete Jungle – Garrett, James, and Mel land a job to build a jungle theme for a popular pop-up restaurant. However, this job may be too big for their small company. Meanwhile, the crew works on a backyard Zen garden.
  • S1, E7 – Thriller, Filler & Spiller – In the beginning, Manscapers launches a project to design a space for a family’s backyard. Of course, the team runs into trouble as they prep the site. Next, James lands a new client who spends big bucks on landscaping. However, the opportunity comes with built-in challenges.
  • S1, E8 – Brides & Blooms – In the final episode of the first season, the team travels upstate to prepare a home for a friend’s wedding. The stakes are high for this one because it could affect their friendship.

Season 2

  • S2 E1 – Business is Blooming – The Manscapers business is booming and they begin to experience growing pains.
  • S2 E2 – Blurring the Lines – The team heads to Brooklyn to do a job for Mel’s friends. As usual, James and Mel get into it about the budget.
  • S2 E3 – Growing to New Heights –
  • S2 E4 – More Money Moss Problems –
  • S2 E5 – Who’s The Boss –
  • S2 E6 – You Grow Girl! –
  • S2 E7 – I Gotta Grow Now –
  • S2 E8 – Where Do We Grow From Here –

Ratings and Reviews

Quotes from the Show

  • “No idea is a bad idea.” – Garrett
  • “Any plants that act up get the snip.” – Garrett
  • “What’s growin’ on?” – Garrett

More Information

Visit the Backyard Envy page on Bravo TV’s website. If you like this type of show, check out Bravo’s other Home Design series.

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