Mexican Dynasties: A Vibrant Journey into Mexico City’s Elite

Mexican Dynasties
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Overview of Mexican Dynasties

Bravo’s “Mexican Dynasties” takes viewers on an exhilarating ride into the heart of Mexico City, showcasing the lives, loves, and extravagances of three of the city’s most affluent families. Premiering in 2019, this reality series stands out with its colorful blend of culture, drama, and opulent lifestyles.

The Families: A Trio of Opulence and Eccentricity

The series revolves around the Allende, Bessudo, and Madrazo families, each a powerhouse in their respective domains. The Allendes, led by the charismatic Fernando Allende, are a family of entertainers with deep roots in the Mexican showbiz industry. The Bessudos, helmed by the sharp-tongued matriarch Raquel Bessudo, reign in the world of luxury real estate. Meanwhile, the Madrazos, with the dynamic siblings Paulina and Oscar at the helm, dominate the luxury car dealership business. Together, these families provide a window into the high society of Mexico City, filled with glamor, rivalry, and tradition.

Culture and Comedy: The Heart of the Show

Its heartwarming embrace of Mexican culture sets “Mexican Dynasties” apart. The show is peppered with local customs, vibrant festivities, and a genuine representation of Mexico City’s rich cultural tapestry. The series also shines in its humor, with family dynamics and playful banter providing endless entertainment. From lavish parties to candid family discussions, “Mexican Dynasties” captures the spirit and complexity of Mexican family life.

Drama and Relationships: The Real Essence

At its core, “Mexican Dynasties” explores the intricate relationships within and between these powerful families. Audiences are treated to a spectrum of emotions, from sibling rivalries and generational conflicts to deep-rooted love and loyalty. The series delves into the challenges of maintaining family legacies while navigating the modern world, offering a compelling narrative that resonates with viewers globally.

Fashion and Lifestyle: A Visual Feast

The show is a visual spectacle showcasing the extravagant lifestyle of Mexico City’s elite. From high fashion and opulent homes to exotic vacations and grand events, “Mexican Dynasties” is a feast for the eyes, offering a glimpse into a world of unapologetic extravagance and style.

Impact and Reception: A Cult Favorite

While “Mexican Dynasties” enjoyed only a single season, it quickly became a cult favorite. The show’s unique blend of authenticity, humor, and cultural pride resonated with audiences, earning it a special place in the pantheon of reality TV series. It entertained and broke stereotypes, offering an authentic portrayal of Mexican family life and culture rarely seen on mainstream American television.

Cast Members

Here’s a quick overview of each of the families:

The Allende Family

The Allende family consists of Fernando (Father), Mari (Mother), Elan (Son), Adan (Son), and Jenny (Elan’s wife)

Fernando Allende is a movie star. He has married his wife, Mari, for over 30 years. They struggle to realize they are not as close to their children as they were. Their son Elan and his wife Jenny are raising two children. Plus, they are working on their careers in the music industry.

Their other son, Adan, is also trying to make it in the music industry. The show highlights the somewhat strained relationship between Elan’s wife and his mom.

The Bessudo Family

Doris Bessudo is a Public Relations expert who moved from Beverly Hills, California, to help her mother after her father died. Doris is a cousin of Mauricio Umansky, who is married to Kyle Richards of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Her mother, Raquel, is a popular fashion critic in Mexico. However, living together quickly becomes a challenge.

  • Raquel Bessudo
  • Doris Bessudo

The Madrazo Family

Oscar and Paulina Madrazo are brother and sister.

  • Oscar Madrazo
  • Paulina Madrazo


Season 1

The first season of Mexican Dynasties has a total of 10 episodes. Following is a list of episode titles:

  • E1 – Dynasties, Dinero, and Dysfunction
  • E2- A Star is Torn
  • E3 – La Voz of Reason
  • E4 – A Family Fractured
  • E5 – Grudges and Gefilte Fish
  • E6 – Love is in the Air
  • E7 – Tres a Crowd
  • E8 – Paz for Concern
  • E9 – The Runway
  • E10 – Blood is Thicker Than Tequila –

Season 2

Additional episode titles will be added as they air. Previously aired episodes are available to stream online at


Campanario Entertainment and Shed Media produced the Mexican Dynasties series for Bravo. The series’ Executive producers are Jaime Davila, Pamela Healey, Lisa Shannon, and Paulina Williams. The episodes are filmed on location in Mexico City, Mexico.


Following are some of the most recent ratings for the series:

  • 72% of Google users like the show
  • IMDB gives the show a rating of 6.2 out of 10 stars

Questions and Comments

“Mexican Dynasties” remains a beloved part of Bravo’s lineup, celebrated for its vibrant portrayal of Mexico City’s high society. The series is a testament to the network’s commitment to diverse and engaging storytelling, leaving a lasting impact with its blend of family, culture, and undeniable charm. As a window into the lives of the Mexican elite, “Mexican Dynasties” offered a unique, entertaining, and heartfelt exploration of what it means to uphold family traditions in a rapidly changing world.

To learn more, visit the Mexican Dynasties page on Bravo’s website or the series Wikipedia page.

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mexican-dynastiesMexican Dynasties certainly has a lot of the qualities of a successful Bravo reality series. The individual cast members are eccentric and their behavior is over-the-top. Also, family relationships and interactions are always amusing. However, it may take a back seat to the more popular Housewives franchise and shows like Vanderpump Rules, Below Deck, and Summer House.


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