The Real Housewives of Atlanta

The Real Housewives of Atlanta
Photo courtesy of Bravo TV: The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Series Overview

The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) is a reality TV series on the Bravo network. The series is in its tenth season and focuses on the personal and professional lives of a group of women living in Atlanta, Georgia. The Real Housewives of Atlanta is one of Bravo’s longest-running shows, just wrapping up the tenth season.

Cast Overview

Following is a list of the primary cast members for the show.

  • Cynthia Bailey
  • Kandi Burruss
  • Kenya Moore
  • Kim Zolciak
  • NeNe Leakes
  • Porsha Williams
  • Shereè Whitfield


  • Claudia Jordan
  • DeShawn Snow
  • Kim Fields
  • Kim Zolciak
  • Lisa Wu Hartwell
  • Phaedra Parks
  • Shamea Morton

List of Episodes

Season 1

  • Episode 1 – Welcome One, Welcome ATL – DeShawn and her family see their new custom-built mansion for the first time. NFL wife Lisa struggles to balance the challenges of being a mom and a high-powered real estate agent. Sheree plans a party to celebrate her new life after a lengthy divorce battle with her ex-husband, Bob Whitfield. Kim meets NeNe for lunch. NeNe and Kim show up at Sheree’s party, and NeNe isn’t on the guest list.
  • Episode 2 – It’s My Party – The day after Sheree’s party, NeNe is still fuming mad. Kim throws her daughter an expensive birthday party. Lisa gets the flu.
  • Episode 3 – Who’s Your Poppa? – The ladies travel to the country to meet Kim’s psychic. NeNe isn’t sure who her real father is. Kim decides to pursue a singing career. A delusional Deshawn starts planning a black-tie event to raise money for her foundation. She sets out to raise a million dollars but will fall short by about a million. Mrs. Leakes decides to help her.
  • Episode 4 – Bring on the Bling – Deshawn hosts the “Night of a Thousand Stars” event at her house. She invites hundreds of people and ends up spending more than she raises. Kim and Sheree hit the spa and find a connection. Lisa has a trunk show for her “Wu Girl” jewelry line and lands a huge distribution deal.
  • Episode 5 – Out of Tune – Sheree and Lisa take a pole dancing class together. After raising tens of dollars at her event, Deshawn celebrates her birthday with her husband, NeNe and Greg. However, NeNe ruins the dinner in classic style because she can’t resist gossiping about Kim and her new “singing career.” She even makes up a song of her own, mocking Kim. Meanwhile, Zolciak starts working on her singing career with Dallas Austin, who immediately sends her to a voice coach. NeNe decides to start her foundation for battered women.
  • Episode 6 – Dream A Little Nightmare – Flip-flopping Sheree heads for a boating trip with Kim. Sheree is working on getting her fashion line, She By Sheree, off the ground. NeNe continues pursuing a DNA test to determine her real father. Deshawn invites the Atlanta House Wives over to her house for a get-together. NeNe gets upset when some elite group members don’t even show up.
  • Episode 7 – Best of Enemies – Sheree’s fashion viewing didn’t go well, so she turns to a Project Runway star for advice. Lisa is struggling with her husband’s return to the NFL. Deshawn’s husband is considering retiring from the NBA. All of the ladies get together for dinner, and the sparks fly.
  • Real Housewives of Atlanta, Season 1 Reunion: Watch What Happens – The ladies talk about the events and drama that transpired in season one.

Season 2

There are 13 episodes in the second season of RHOA:

  • S2 E1 – New Attitude, Same ATL – In the second season’s first episode, Shere throws a party to celebrate her recent divorce. Meanwhile, Lisa and her husband discuss the possibility of another baby. Later, Kim decides to launch her wig line. Then, new cast member Kandi is thinking about the future.
  • S2 E2 – Kim-Tervention
  • S2 E3 – Unbeweavable
  • S2 E4 – Mummies, Mommies, and Baby Mommas
  • S2 E5 – Home Is Where the Heartbreak Is
  • S2 E6 – My Ego Is Bigger Than Your Ego
  • S2 E7 – Throwing Shade
  • S2 E8 – Scrambled Egos
  • S2 E9 – Precious Pocketbook
  • S2 E10 – Better Tardy Than Never
  • S2 E11 – High Heels & Record Deals
  • S2 E12 – Baby Momma & Daddy Drama
  • S2 E13 – Catwalks & Cat Fights
  • Reunion Special, Part 1
  • Reunion Special, Part 2

Season 3

  • E1 – New Attitude
  • Model Behavior
  • White Hot
  • Petty Boughetto
  • Hot Mama’s Day
  • Trashed Collection
  • She Can Dance?
  • Is There a Doctor in the House?
  • NeNe Get Your Gun
  • Auto-Tuned-Up
  • Contract Player
  • Not So Fine Print
  • Tour-ture
  • Flamingo Road Block
  • Floridon’t
  • The Bride and the Doom
  • Reunion Part 1
  • Reunion Part 2

Season 4

  • Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
  • Surprisingly Rich
  • Shower the Baby, Muzzle, the Boy
  • Jewels Be Dangled
  • Whine Bar
  • Three Wigs and a Baby
  • Law by Sheree
  • New Tricks
  • Unlikely Duos
  • We Come in Peace (and Packing Heat)
  • Shaping Up and Shipping Out
  • South Africa: Just Like Home
  • Make It Rain Down in Africa
  • No Bones About It
  • From Motherland to Haterville
  • Peaches and Screams
  • The Error Apparents
  • Fresh Princes
  • All Pomp But No Circumstance
  • Happiness and Joy
  • Reunion, Part 1
  • Reunion, Part 2
  • Reunion, Part 3

Season 5

  • Got Sexy Back
  • Excess Breeds Success
  • Call Me Miss USA
  • Unmoved
  • No Excuse for Excuses
  • Hold on to Your Weave
  • I Do… But I Won’t
  • Fools of Engagement
  • Dress Down and Strip Bare
  • Off the Hook
  • This Donkey Kicks
  • Battle of the Booty
  • Make an Ass Out of a Donkey
  • Prayed Up
  • Praise the Pageant
  • Peaches Don’t Grow In Hollywood
  • Strip Is a Trip
  • He’s Stalking, I’m Walking
  • Donktabulous!
  • Divas Into Icons
  • Reunion Part I
  • Reunion Part II
  • Reunion Part III
  • Secrets Revealed

Season 6

  • Bye Bye with the Wind
  • Girl Code Breakers
  • All in a Day’s Twerk
  • Too Late to Apollo-Gize
  • Save the Drama for Mama
  • The Old Lady and the Shoe
  • Savann-no
  • Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
  • Midnight in the Garden of Tea and Shade
  • A Trip Down Memory Lane
  • Crunk in the Trunk
  • Sour Grapes, Sour Peaches
  • Pillow Talk or Pillow Fight
  • Peaches Divided
  • Dropping the Ball
  • Twirling with the Enemy
  • He Said, She Said
  • Flirting with Disaster
  • Mexi-Loco
  • With Friends Like These
  • Mess Rehearsal
  • Final Curtain Call
  • Reunion Part 1
  • Reunion Part 2
  • Reunion Part 3
  • Secrets Revealed
  • Husbands Revealed

Season 7

  • Bye Bye & Bon Voyage
  • No Moore Apollogies
  • All Tea, All Shade
  • Burying the Ratchet
  • Friend or Faux
  • Make-Ups and Breakdowns
  • Nice to Metria
  • Tea with a Side of Squashed Beef
  • Shades of Shade
  • Puerto Read-Co!
  • Divide and Ki-Ki
  • Beauties in the Fast Lane
  • The Countdown Begins
  • Hello Mr. Chocolate
  • Chocolate Does a Body Good
  • Southern Discomfort
  • Fix It Therapy
  • Housewife Interrupted
  • Drama Detox
  • From Zen to Sin
  • Chasing Nay-Nay
  • Atlanta Twirls On
  • Reunion Part 1
  • Reunion Part 2
  • Reunion Part 3
  • Kandi’s Ski Trip: Mending and Bending
  • Kandi’s Ski Trip Part 2
  • Kandi’s Ski Trip Part 3

Season 8

  • The Shades of It All
  • Duking It Out
  • Party in a Sweatbox
  • Rocky Boat Horror Story
  • Where Is the Love Boat
  • Bienvenido a Miami
  • Miami Spice
  • There’s No Business Like Friend Business
  • Shade for Days
  • Trouble on the Family Tree
  • Ms. Parks Goes to Washington
  • Beauties & the Beat
  • Jamaican Beef Catty
  • Peaches of the Caribbean
  • Read School Is in Session
  • Turning Over a New Peach
  • Who’s Been Naughty Who’s Been Nice
  • Reunion Part One
  • Reunion Part Two
  • Reunion Part Three
  • Secrets Revealed

Season 9

  • House of Shade and Dust
  • Housewive House Wars
  • Ghosts of Boyfriends Past
  • Another Spin Around the Block
  • Shade Grenade
  • Tastes Like Trouble
  • Model Behavior
  • Bosom Buddies
  • Char-lotta Drama
  • Uncharitable Behavior
  • Thelma and Louise Take Flint
  • Into the Woods
  • If These Woods Could Talk
  • Loose Lips Sink Ships
  • Lei It All on the Table
  • Maui Mayhem
  • Aloha & Goodbye
  • Baby Nups & Breakups
  • Side Dishes and Side Pieces
  • Chateau, She Did That
  • Reunion, Part 1
  • Reunion, Part 2
  • Reunion, Part 3
  • Reunion, Part 4

Season 10

  • 50 Shades of Cynthia
  • Say Yes to Distress
  • Chateau Get Down
  • All White Never Forget Showdown
  • Petty Party
  • All Aboard the Shady Express
  • Rock the Boat
  • Mad Tea Party
  • The Peaches of Wrath
  • Storming Out
  • Peaches Be Trippin
  • Livin’ La Vida Loca
  • Barcelona Breakdown
  • Let There Be Light and Love
  • Driving Miss Kim
  • ReMarcable
  • Nightmare on Peachtree Street
  • Reunion (Part 1)
  • Reunion (Part 2)
  • Reunion (Part 3)
  • 10th Anniversary

Additional season episodes will be added soon.

Production Company and Executive Producers

True Entertainment produces the series for Bravo. The executive producers are Andy Cohen, Anne Swan, Anthony Sylvester, Glenda Hersh, Lauren Eskelin, Lorraine Haughton-Lawson, Luke Neslage, and Steven Weinstock.

Critical Response and Awards

  • The Real Housewives of Atlanta is the most popular of Bravo’s Real Housewives series.
  • Despite its high viewership, the show has relatively low online ratings. For example, the series has a rating of 4.1 out of 10 stars on IMDB.

More Information

Questions & Comments

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