Shahs of Sunset
Shahs of Sunset (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

Overview of the Shahs of Sunset Series on Bravo

The Shahs of Sunset is a reality TV series on the Bravo network.

Cast Overview

Following is a list of the primary cast members for the show.

  • Reza Farahan
  • Golnesa Gharachedaghi
  • Mercedes Javid
  • Asa Soltan Rahmati
  • Mike Shouhed
  • Lilly Ghalichi
  • Jessica Parido
  • Adam Neely

List of Episodes

Season 1

  • Image is Everything
  • It’s My Birthday Bitches
  • Champagne Wars
  • Waiting for MJ
  • The Shahs of Great Neck
  • Old Friends New Problems

Season 2

  • The Whisky Makes You Frisky
  • The Persian Nose Business
  • I Love You But I Don’t Like You
  • You Shouldn’t Have Worn That Dress
  • Please Bring a Man
  • You Took an Ambien
  • Mo-Cedes, Mo Problems
  • Happy New Year
  • Hard for Me to Say I’m Sorry
  • Persh-A-Palooza
  • Reunion Part 1
  • Reunion Part 2
  • Lost Footage

Season 3

  • Only Guilty Men Bring Flowers
  • These People Are Not Your Friends
  • Bad Things Happen When I Eat Salami
  • Sorry. Not Sorry.
  • Fresh Off the Boat
  • Persian Pride
  • The Velvet Rage
  • Caught in a Bad Bro-Mance
  • Sometimes You Just Have to Drink It Off
  • The Buttery, Chocolate Croissant
  • In Love, There Must Be Torture
  • Return to the Homeland (Part 1)
  • Return to the Homeland (Part 2)
  • Is This 40?
  • Reunion – Part 1
  • Reunion – Part 2

Season 4

  • I Am Gay Gandhi
  • What Happened in Turkey?
  • The Devil’s Staycation
  • The Secret Is Out
  • It’s Nuclear Now
  • Will You Marry Me?
  • Crunch vs. Munch
  • An Inconclusive Truth
  • Can’t Fake The Funk
  • One Wedding and a Dog Funeral
  • Tale of Two Parties
  • Bubbles of Fertility
  • Big Trouble in a Little Phuket
  • Lions and Buddhists and Persians, Oh My!
  • Reunion Part 1
  • Reunion Part 2

Season 5

  • Persian of the Pacific
  • C’est La Vida
  • Oy Vey, MJ!
  • Are We Out Of The Woods Yet?
  • Back To Nurture
  • A Cat-astrophic Night
  • Surprise! You’re Married
  • Six Persians Walk Into A Bar
  • Lights, Camera, Kaftans!
  • Belize It Or Not
  • Trouble In Paradise
  • Is It Too Late to Say I’m Sorry?
  • Mr. Shouhed’s Wild Ride
  • La Vida Loca
  • OMGG
  • Reunion Part 1
  • Reunion Part 2

Season 6

  • The Miracle Baby
  • A Long Trip for a Short Apology
  • Hava Nagila, Hava Tequila
  • Let My People Go
  • Dreidels and Betrayals
  • Hooray For Holy Land!
  • You Got Sherv’d
  • The Art Of Deflection
  • A Tale Of Two Turkeys
  • The Lying Game
  • The Shahs Take Manhattan
  • Sex (Tips) In The City
  • The Thread That Broke The Shahs’ Backs
  • Reunion Part 1
  • Reunion Part 2

Production Company and Executive Producers

  • Coming soon

Facts and Trivia

Following is a list of little-known facts and trivia about the show and its cast members.

  • We’re still gathering facts and trivia about the series. If you have any to share, please post below.

Questions & Comments

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback about the series, please post a message below. Also, check out other popular Bravo series.


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