Southern Charm
The cast of Bravo's hit TV series, Southern Charm (Photo by: Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo)

Episode Overview

The eleventh episode of Southern Charm’s season five starts off with an update on Craig’s injured hand. Craig cut several tendons in his finger when he “stabbed the wall with a butter knife.” Surprisingly, no more information was shared about the strange event. Craig and Austen take a drive to Greenville, South Carolina to sample Austen’s new IPA beer.

Naomie and Chelsie walk the dogs on the beach, and Naomie shows off her new footwear. She has to wear a plastic bag over her cast to keep the sand out.

Cameran is home with her new baby, Palmer, as she wonders “what has she done” to her life. Mom gives tries to give her a pep talk and bestow some family heirlooms, but Cameran wasn’t having it.

Craig and Kathryn meet for breakfast and discuss Ashley and Thomas’s relationship. They both agree that Ashley’s time on the Ravenal Train is almost up.

Surprisingly, Thomas goes ring shopping (for promise rings), but Whitney talks him out of it.

Craig visits the fabric store to get materials for the pet pillows commissioned by Patricia. He gets some much-needed advice and guidance from the owner, but will it make a difference?

Shep and Kathryn Go Bowling

Shep heads to the bowling alley, which seems like a counterproductive way to recover from knee surgery. Kathryn joins him and based on what we see, she bowls a better game than the old Shepster. During this segment, we learn that Shep and Kathryn hooked up more times than anyone realized. Will something rekindle between the two? The conversation seems to suggest that something might be in the cards for the two, but Kathryn’s body language says otherwise.

Austin Hosts a Tasting Party

Later, Austen gets ready to host a party to unveil his new beer to friends and family. One of his college friends stops by and the two discuss Victoria and Chelsie. The scene cuts over to casa-Ravenel as Thomas and Ashley get ready to go to the party. There is clearly still tension in the air, despite Ashley’s trip to California for a “break”. Next, everyone starts showing up for Austen’s party. This segment made me want a beer!

Everyone who tasted Austen’s IPA had a similar positive reaction, so it looks like Austen is headed into the beer business. Thomas and Ashley arrive and Ashley tries to latch onto Craig to discuss her problems with Thomas. Bless his heart, Craig tries to listen and be a gentleman, but you can tell he feels awkward. JD shows up and hangs with Thomas. The two get busted for “staring” as Kathryn arrives fashionably late and looking fabulous. Getting the gig at Gwynn’s did wonders for her wardrobe.

Victoria shows up and Chelsie pulls her aside. Chelsie is clearly trying to ease the tension that exists between the three of them. Victoria is still steaming about Chelsie’s “inappropriate body language” photo from Hilton Head. I still can’t believe Naomie took that picture and posted it online! Shep is all hands with Kathryn and she doesn’t seem to like it.

More Information

For more information, visit our Southern Charm page, or the official website on Bravo.


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