Work of Art: The Next Great Artists

Work of Art
Work of Art (Photo by Bravo)

Series Overview

Work of Art: The Next Great Artist is a reality TV art competition show aired on the Bravo Network. On the show, fourteen up-and-coming artists compete to win an exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum and a $100,000 cash payout. The art competition series ran for two seasons and was not renewed by the network.

Cast Overview

Following is a list of the primary cast members for the show.

  • China Chow
  • Simon de Pury
  • Bill Powers
  • Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn
  • Jerry Saltz

List of Episodes

Work of Art: The Next Great Artist ran for two seasons and 20 episodes, each 60 minutes long. You can watch season one and two episodes on Amazon Video.

Season 1

Episodes in the first season:

  • E1 – Self-Reflexive –
  • E2—The Shape of Things to Come—For the second challenge, the artists must create art using items from an appliance graveyard.
  • E3 – Judging a Book by Its Cover – The artists must create an innovative cover for a classic novel.
  • E4 – A Shock to the System –
  • E5 – Art That Moves You –
  • E6 – Open to the Public –
  • E7 – Child’s Play –
  • E8 – Opposites Attract –
  • E9 – Natural Talents –
  • E10 – The Big Show –

Season 2

Episodes in the second season:

  • Kitsch Me If You Can
  • Art Movement
  • Make It Pop
  • Back To School
  • Ripped From The Headlines
  • Street Dealers
  • La Dolce Arte
  • Sell Out
  • Exile On Main Street
  • The Big Show

Executive Producers and Production Companies

Pretty Matches Productions and Magical Elves Productions produce the reality TV show. Eli Holzman and Sarah Jessica Parker were the executive producers for the series.

Facts and Trivia

Following is a list of little-known facts and trivia about the show and its cast members.

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