Real Estate Wars: Battling for Luxury Listings

Real Estate Wars
Real Estate Wars (Photo by: Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo)

Series Overview

“Real Estate Wars” is a Bravo TV series that brings the cutthroat world of real estate to the forefront. Premiering in 2017, this reality show introduces viewers to the competitive real estate market in Orange County, California, showcasing the high-stakes battles between two rival teams of top-notch real estate agents.

Orange County Showdown

“Real Estate Wars” unfolds against the backdrop of Orange County, known for its luxurious properties and affluent clientele. The series pits Team McMonigle, led by real estate mogul John McMonigle, against Team Relegance, led by Jojo Romeo. The rivalry between these two teams adds a layer of drama and intensity to the already high-pressure world of luxury real estate.

Luxury Listings and Lavish Lifestyles

The show’s heart lies in the jaw-dropping properties featured in each episode. From sprawling mansions with oceanfront views to high-end estates with all the bells and whistles, “Real Estate Wars” gives viewers a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of Orange County’s elite. The series showcases the art of selling homes and a luxury lifestyle.

At its core, “Real Estate Wars” is a strategic game where agents employ various tactics to secure exclusive listings and close high-stakes deals. The competition is fierce, and the series captures the behind-the-scenes negotiations, client interactions, and the cutthroat nature of the real estate business. The agents navigate the challenges of a demanding market while striving to outshine their rivals.

Personalities and Conflicts

Beyond the properties and deals, the show introduces viewers to the distinct personalities of the real estate agents. From charismatic pitches to moments of tension and conflict, “Real Estate Wars” delves into the human side of the industry. The series explores the personal and professional lives of the agents, revealing the sacrifices and challenges that come with the pursuit of success in the competitive real estate market.

Cinematic Flair and Aesthetics

Bravo’s signature cinematic style is evident in “Real Estate Wars,” with visually stunning shots capturing the essence of Orange County’s picturesque landscapes and luxurious residences. The series combines the visual appeal of high-end real estate with the dramatic storytelling characteristic of Bravo’s reality TV productions.

“Real Estate Wars” had a single season, concluding in 2017, but it left an impact on viewers drawn to the blend of luxury, competition, and interpersonal dynamics. While it may not have reached the longevity of some Bravo series, it remains a noteworthy addition to the network’s lineup, contributing to audiences’ fascination with the world of high-stakes real estate.

Executive Producers

  • Elise Duran
  • Fenton Bailey
  • Randy Barbato
  • Tom Campbell

Cast Overview

Following is a list of the primary cast members for the show.

  • John McMonigle
  • Drew D’Angelo
  • Hunter Fedden
  • Leo Goldschwartz
  • Hoda Hajirnia
  • JoJo Romeo
  • Spyro Kemble
  • Kylie McCollough
  • Eliisa Stowell
  • Kacey Taormina

List of Episodes

The Real Estate Wars series ran for only one season with eight episodes. The episodes are available to watch online at Amazon Video.

Season 1

  • Episode 1 – Let the Games Begin – The Relegance Group and The McMonigle Team compete to win an Orange County developer’s business.
  • Episode 2 – Showdown – Jon and Jojo go head to head for Michael’s portfolio of luxury properties. The McMonigle Team hosts an event at a house in Laguna Beach. Relegance slides in like a snake and tries to steal away their client.
  • Episode 3 – Property Problems – Jojo doesn’t like the condition of the home she has to sell. John tries to figure out how to sell a real estate property still under construction.
  • Episode 4 – Commission Control – John becomes frustrated with his team’s lack of experience. The Relegance Group deals with a difficult client.
  • Episode 5 – Boy’s Club – JoJo confronts Kylie face-to-face in the fifth episode. Later, John and his team land another deal.
  • Episode 6 – Bombshells – Jojo prepares her property for preview for a group of brokers. Then, Kylie shares information that may change the future of the company.
  • Episode 7 – Secrets and Lies –
  • Episode 8 – Moving On –

Critical Response and Awards

The Real Estate Wars series was canceled after a single season. The series does not have a rating on, IMDB, or Google.

Facts and Trivia

Following is a list of little-known facts and trivia about the show and its cast members.

  • We’re still gathering facts and trivia about the series. If you have anything to share, please post below.

Questions & Comments

“Real Estate Wars” is a testament to Bravo’s ability to turn seemingly niche industries into compelling reality TV. By showcasing the competitive realm of Orange County’s real estate, the series provides an insider’s view into the strategic maneuvers, luxurious properties, and captivating personalities that define the high-stakes world of luxury home sales. For those intrigued by the intersection of wealth, competition, and real estate drama, “Real Estate Wars” offers a binge-worthy exploration of a captivating market.

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real-estate-warsWe gave Real Estate Wars two and a half stars. Although we love shows about high-end real estate, this show doesn't have the magic of the Million Dollar Listing series. It's not just about the real estate. The characters still have to be likable. The constant bickering and insults ruined it for us.


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