Vanderpump Rules – Season 1 – Episode 1

Vanderpump Rules
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Episode 1 – Welcome to SUR

The Vanderpump Rules Season 1 Episode 1 introduces the chic West Hollywood restaurant, SUR, and its employees. The restaurant’s success combines the cuisine, the ambiance, and the people who work there.

The first episode introduces the primary cast members: Lisa, Tom Sandoval, Tom Schwartz, Jax, Peter, Stassi, Kristen, Katie, and Scheana. As Stassi eloquently states, “SUR is where the servers want to be: models, actors, writers, singers. While the servers at other Hollywood restaurants want to be waiters at SUR.

Scheana introduces herself as “the other woman” due to her two-year relationship with the husband of Brandy, one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and friend of Lisa Vanderpump. This publicly known fact creates tension among the servers, especially with Stassi.

During this episode, we also learn that relationships with the staff are a bit of a “merry-go-round.” As Peter puts it, “I used to date Stassi, who is now dating Jax, who used to live with Tom. Tom is dating Kristen. I also hooked up with Katie, but now she’s dating Tom Schwartz.”

The staff gets together after their shift for a pep talk with Lisa. Scheana, a new server that Lisa recently moved over from her other Restaurant, Villa Blanca, raises an issue that doesn’t go over too well with the others. At SUR, the wait staff pools their tips, allowing those who slack to get paid the same as everyone else.

Jax and Peter Go Out

Jax and Peter go out for drinks and commiserate about what it’s like to date Stassi. Peter dated Stassi for about four months and was already feeling the pain after the second month. He tells Jax he was “so happy being free” when they finally broke up. Jax reveals that he and Stassi fight about everything. The two take a break from their conversation to flirt with the cute waitress, but their efforts are not well-received.

Like the others who work at SUR, Scheana aspires to be an actress and a singer. After being randomly discovered by a producer, she visits the recording studio with her boyfriend. However, the recording session only consists of sex sounds.

The Witches of WeHo

Vanderpump Rules Season 1 Episode 1 marks the first appearance of the “Witches of WeHo,” also known as “the mean girls,” Kristen, Katie, and Stassi. The girls gather to discuss who they currently hate (Scheana) and why they are superior. Ultimately, Scheana will move in and out of their good graces for years. Eventually, Katie and Stassi will turn their hatred on one of their own, Kristen.

Later, Stassi pops the claws out and goes after Scheana at the restaurant. Her strategy is to be mean to her, hoping that she’ll quit. Lisa recognizes what Stassi is doing and encourages Scheana to stand up to Stassi. Lisa hits the nail on the head, noticing that Stassi’s actions are fueled by her insecurities about her relationship with Jax (i.e., she views Scheana as a threat).

Lisa, Guillermo, and Ken discuss new menu items and dishes about staffing issues.

Next, cut to Tom and Kristen’s apartment. These two have been dating for four years, a significant achievement in this group. In later episodes, we’ll learn that this long-term relationship was probably more of Sandoval’s doing than Kristen’s. In this segment, we’re introduced to Sandoval’s affinity for hair care products and styling tools.

Later in the show, Scheana meets another SUR-ver, Tina, at a bizarre “elixir” bar. During their chat, Scheana tells Tina she got a “call back” for a part in the Power Rangers.

Tom and Jax stop by SUR for a drink, and Jax continues to voice his frustration with his relationship with Stassi. The girlfriends get cut from their shift and head to the bar to join them for drinks. Stassi reveals that she had a long conversation with Scheana, and there is a slight hint that progress was made.

The episode quickly looks at the SUR uniform, which is a thin piece of material. The girls spend a surprising amount of time taping themselves before each shift.

The next scene includes Jax, Tom, Stassi, Kristen, and Katie out grabbing a bite to eat. Surprise! Jax and Stassi but into a blow-by-blow recap of the anatomy of their fights.

The show closes with a vignette of scenes from the upcoming season. From the look of things, the complicated web of relationships, friendships, and aspirations unravels.

The running time of Vanderpump Rules Season 1 Episode 1 is 43 Minutes. Rating TV14

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  1. This is one of my favorite, if not the favorite, shows on Bravo. I can’t stop watching it. The cast is both likeable and hateable at the same time.


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