Shep Rose: The Southern Charm OG

Shep Rose
Photo courtesy of Bravo

Learn about Shep Rose of Southern Charm, RelationShep

Shep Rose is one of the cast members of Bravo’s hit TV show, Southern Charm. In addition, Shep is the only cast member of Southern Charm to score his own spinoff show, which was appropriately named RelationShep.

Shep is also an entrepreneur, trying his hand in the bar and restaurant business and real estate. In addition, he launched a clothing line called Shep Gear, but we’re not sure if anyone knows about it.

Shep’s Personal Stats

Shep was born and raised in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. He was born into a well-known, wealthy family. His grandfather was in the steel business and made enough money to set up his family for future generations.

Birth Date:?

Height: 6’5″

Education: MBA from Vanderbilt University, University of Georgia

Family Members: Frances Rose, William Rose, Whitaker Rose, and Katherine Rose.

Estimated Net Worth: Less than $1 million

Bravo Shows Featuring Shep Rose

Shep is a cast member on the following Bravo TV shows:

In addition, he made guest appearances on other Bravo shows, including Summer House, Vanderpump Rules and Andy Cohen’s Then & Now.

Shep also had a minor role in the movie Reprisal, released in 2018.

Social Media

The following are Shep’s social media accounts.

For more information, visit Shep’s bio page on Bravo’s website.


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